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Give an identity to your digital event

The establishment of a theme and the creation of scenarios will allow you to attract the attention of your target and especially to keep it.
See for yourself the theme we chose for our concept show last December. Given the sanitary situation and the restrictions in place, we wanted to make our customers travel ...

Selecing and developing this identity is the longest step that require brainstorming, organization, scenario creation and calls on many internal and external resources.

Set your objectives, determine your audience and see in which universe you want to embark them. Create the common thread that will follow you throughout your digital event and the associated communication. This is where you will define the experience that your participants will have and also the unique aspect of your event.

Creating the universe of your digital show will create the emotion that resembles you.
Upstream, arouse the curiosity of your audience, use teaser videos

These videos will of course be broken down into the theme and style chosen for your show.

All your communication should integrate your theme and fuel a little more each day a real impatience to come and listen to you!

The networks used to distribute these videos will depend on your audience: LinkedIn for corporate, Instagram according to your community, Facebook for mass media ...
Announce the participation of a relevant Opinion Leader

It is essential to make a careful and targeted selection of your speakers in relation to your audience, to professionalize the presentation of your content, but also to increase participation in your digital event by offering a personality that will attract and will interest your participants.

Essential point, remember to coach and prepare your speakers, do not leave anything to chance! Rehearsals, technical connection tests, wallpaper, equipment, but also styling and "dress code"!

You can also highlight your opinion leader with a real pre-recorded scenario as we did below with our triple Olympic champion Alain Bernard:
Communicating has never been so important!

Adapt your media to your target…. But note that social networks are inevitable, and more strategic than ever because they are designed for video content.

Feed your audience, feed a public or private space with content related to your digital event.

See below, as an illustration, the private event that we set up on LinkedIn for our clients ...