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A big thank you to our audience !

" Futuring ladies, what a wonderful TV show ! You are at the top, this is not a surprise!! I had to leave you to join a boring Zoom session. I can't wait to discover how you will manage the breakouts sessions with the Replay session. I wish you a great after-event ! "
Marketing Director

" I would like to thank you for this great virtual event and also thank you for this nice box I received, the tasting was a pleasure ! I wish you a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends. Thank you ! "
EMEA Events Manager

" I would like to thank you and congratulate you for this fab live show ! It was amaazing, you cought my attention, the content was interesting, a real discovery !
Unfortunately I could not attend the breakout session after the live programme and I regret it...
Your concept is excellent, well done. "
Strategic Marketing Division
" Futuring Goes Virtual was educative, creative, technical and so professional. I especially appreciated all the details, the decoration element that made me travel instantly, as well as all your advices and recommendations. Moving from in person events to virtual ones is a real challenge for all of us ! Futuring events agency, once more, has proven its reactivity, adaptability and professionalism. Well done for this amazing achievement, thank you ! "
Marketing Manager

" I would like to thank you for your invitation and congratulate you for the qualitative and pertinent live show you have created and offered us. "
Events & Travel Purchasing Manager

" I big thank you for this Virtual Programme, it was great, thank you ! "
HR, Communications & Recruitment Manager

" Lots of work behind this very successful show! Thanks Futuring "
Marketing & Communications Manager
" The virtual event teasing, your LinkedIn dedicated events page as well as the onboarding and opening of the show were amazing. The band, the details, the sound... it was such a nice combination. I spoke to my team who aslo attended and they felt so inspired, thank you, this was very well done ! I should also mention that I opened your box, and really enjoyed this wine tasting: Great experience ! "
Head of Communications & Branding

" Thank your for this shared moment. Your Virtual event was a success ! "
Marketing & Communications Manager

" Amazing show that was run so smoothly ! I loved the idea of the Semi live programme...this is certainly the way to move forward "
Marketing & Communications Specialist

" Wonderful programme ! We really enjoyed watching you, thank you for the invitation ! "
Digital & Events Communications Specialist