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" Welcome to our website dedicated to digital!
By browsing it, you will discover the fundamentals that will serve you to organize digital events as qualitative as those you are used to doing face-to-face!
You will discover in illustration extracts from our 100% digital program, "FUTURING GOES VIRTUAL" because explanations in pictures are certainly the best ! We chose for the occasion to receive our customers in the warm atmosphere of a chalet in the mountains.
Professionalism, originality, commitment and friendliness, Futuring supports you in the digital transformation of your events. "

Anne Chevalier, Managing Director Futuring

Our vision of a successful digital event

Today, companies are used to communicate through Zoom or Teams ...
But still, organizing a successful digital event remains a challenge! Indeed, the health context in which we operate remains uncertain, and despite the diversification of the tools available, the syndrome of "fatigue zoom" is felt by a large number.

In addition, you may have noticed that registrations are still much higher than the real number of participants, ultimately much lower. It is essential to evolve and we can help you regain control and professionalize your digital events and the tools used. The possibilities are varied: you have the choice according to your objectives, your audience, your messages ...

You will be able to:
  • Offer a TV program on its own, to broadcast it as widely as possible (on a TV studio or with a mobile studio)
  • Propose a TV program and complete it by inviting your participants to attend breakouts, as we had chosen to do in our Concept Program : Futuring Goes Virtual.
  • Offer breakouts or round tables in small committees. We can help you choose the tools that will help strengthen the engagement of your participants.

Browse through our pages, watch our videos to get inspired , and don't wait any longer, contact us to share your next project !

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