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Virtualize your program, change your habits!

With the digital age you will now have to: shorten, energize, cut out, be concise and relevant, whether for the content or for the formatting.

It is crucial to work and focus on your new formats to distribute your content: reports, customer testimonials, debates, columns, Q&A… These different formats will energize your presentation, in order to attract more and more your audience. Indeed you must put all the chances on your side to keep them until the end !

Also remember to distribute your key content throughout the life of your virtual event : as soon as your platform opens, during your broadcast, in Q&A, in virtual round tables (breakouts) if you have any, as an additional information hosted on your platform, after your show ...

Let's take a look below at the adaptation of your content to digital format.
If you think image content, think formatting, setting, production, take over the TV codes!

Exit the slide parade, animate your screens, integrate information with various formats during the broadcast. There are a whole bunch of different displays, we can help you understand and find the most dynamic solutions to make your content relevant and capture your audience.

Call on experts to provide these specific skills necessary for the success of your digital event. Nothing should be left to chance: everything is written as you used to do for face-to-face events, for the speakers and for the participants, for the control room and for the moderators, you will need a precise scenario that you will have to have carefully written in order to make your event a success. The events managers you had for in-person events are the digital toppers!

Below is an extract from our Futuring Goes Virtual concept, addressing the new essential skills of these digital professions.
Comment bien choisir son studio TV ?

Le choix entre un studio mobile ou un studio TV professionnel va dépendre de votre événement.

Vous pouvez mettre en place un studio mobile si vous avez une contrainte de lieu, ou selon la localisation de vos intervenants les plus pertinents, car nous pouvons vous proposer des studios partout en Europe…

Si vous n’avez pas de contrainte, nous vous recommandons de bien analyser les opportunités offertes par les studios professionnels comme celui-ci, que nous avions choisi pour FGV.

Quelle que soit l’option, nous pourrons vous accompagner dans le choix, l’installation et surtout pour mettre en œuvre votre Emission dans sa totalité, car cet exercice nécessite des compétences et connaissances très spécifiques afin que le rendu final soit à votre image.