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Create emotional bubbles

One of the main challenges of digital events is to find "that little extra thing" which will ensure the involvement of your guests so that they do not miss the connection time for example, but which will also allow you to keep their attention until. 'at the end. Indeed, touch your guests, appeal to their emotions, their feelings by bringing them together in small committees around virtual round tables (breakouts).

Start by segmenting your audience, as you would have prepared your face-to-face seating plan.

Depending on your audience and its size, you will be able to insert different animations that will promote your final objective that can be grouped into 2 main categories:

1 Networking & Sales
Breakout is a powerful tool for salespeople who need this informal bond with their customers. You can group the audience by commercial geographic area, by product, or mix your customer ambassadors and prospects. A relevant animation in this context is the "Virtual Wine Tasting" for example.

2 Team building
There are many activities that can be done virtually and that motivate your teams, integrate new employees ... such as quizzes, escape games, workshops with challenges ... You can group them by department or on the contrary, mix the participants in order to promote knowledge of the other to strengthen team spirit in the broad sense.

Bet on your opinion leader : do not hesitate to invite him to discuss with your guests during your virtual round tables. An exclusive moment that will remain in memories and conversations after your event.

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We are looking for the best vintages for you, associated with the best flavors, to excite the taste buds of your guests ...

Foie gras accompanied by Chablis or grilled crickets accompanied by a craft made beer, all experiences are permitted!
The essential Q&A

Integrate real Q&A sessions during your show, and don't hesitate to communicate it upstream! Indeed they will energize the different parts of your program.

BE CAREFUL, you will have to take care to answer them so as not to discredit yourself and to confirm your interest in your participants.

Below is our advice on this.
To chat or not to chat?

Chat is essential because it is the spontaneous interaction with your audience. On the other hand, it should not be left to live alone, you should control. How? By orienting the discussions according to the content, using a key words, phrases, sharing a tip… And of course measuring and adapting according to the behavior of your audience and their engagement.
Also remember to opt for active moderation, which will give you the opportunity to approve each message before its publication.